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Located near Fort Fraser, British Columbia, Farmgate Fabrication has been designing and manufacturing cattle and horse feeders of the highest quality for over 17 years.

Feeding smarter saves you money. 
A healthy herd makes you money.

SUPERIOR BALE FEEDERS are designed to do both, and give you the edge needed to stay competitive in today’s livestock market.
• Increase your calf safety
• Increase nutrients consumed
• Increase herd health which ensures better wintering & calving
• Less scours and diseases
• Less replacement costs 
• Eliminate hay waste
The decrease in wasted hay will more than pay for the cost of the feeder, and the return on a healthier herd will pay you.

Our Bale Feeders increase the amount of nutrient rich feed that
your herd consumes.  Less handling of the bale prevents dry matter and nutrient rich leaf losses that occur when ground feeding. Healthy cattle winter better, cycle better and produce healthy calves with lower scours and disease rates. 

Superior Bale Feeders are the longest lasting  most cost effective feeder on the market today. Contact Farmgate Fabrication to discuss the best feed management options for your herd.

Superior Bale Feeders are made of high
tensile heavy gauge steel and designed
to increase animal safety.

Superior Bale Feeders control hay waste from around the feeder where calves lay reducing the risk of crowding & trampling.

Read what our customers have to say...

"A worthwhile investment." 

"April /2004 “We have been using Superior Bale Feeders from Farmgate Fabrication since 1998.
We were immediately impressed with the design and durability of these bale feeders. These Superior feeders may be more expensive than competing brands, but they have more than paid for themselves, not only by reducing hay waste, but also by lasting far longer than any other feeders we have purchased. The Superior Bale Feeders stands up to everyday use by cows and bulls, and to being moved by a tractor each time we feed. All of the other brands of bale feeders we have tried have broken and fallen apart and ended up in the junk pile. We have purchased more than 20 Superior bale feeders and they are all still in use today. None have required any repairs. They have no cracks or broken welds. The way the Superior feeders are built, they will probably last another 10 or even 20 years, unlike other brands that have only lasted a few months to maybe a few years with much welding and repair work.

We will continue to purchase Superior bale feeders to accommodate our growing herd.
They are a worthwhile investment.” 

—Wayne and Cathy Ray, Smith Creek Farms "